Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Autumn Sabbatical

As the two tons of "back to school" salescrap in our Sunday papers tells us, Kindred Souls, summer's finally over. I, for one, have had enough of 90-degree temperatures. I'm in the mood for some nice, cool autumn weather.

As fun as summer can be, I always liked autumn better. It's a much more interesting time, weather-wise. I love watching the leaves change colors and fall. I love the gray days, (channeling Rod McKuen) the golden sunsets, the smell of burning leaves. . .well, not recently. Anybody born after 1984 will have only the pungent odor of super-P.C. paper landscape waste bags to recall fondly, years hence, as they sit sipping their Metamucil, boring the grandkids with stories of days gone by. So this is one time Brother John considers himself lucky to be a middle-aged fart.

Another reason I like autumn more---it was always a more productive time for me, personally. Hot weather makes me sit on my ass. Autumn, with its falling leaves, serves to remind me that time is passing by, that another year is coming to an end. Which spurs me to get off my fat duff and do something constructive with that time.

And so, it's high time I got productive again. I have some things---personal and professional stuff---that I've let slide for far too long. Things that must be attended to. So, as much as it pains me to say so, I'm going to be taking a little autumn sabbatical from ye olde blogge. Oh, now stop sobbing! It won't be forever. What's that old saying? "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Yeah, think of it that way.

I promise to return to this blog, rested and ready to delight you with new stories of this idiodyssey I call my life, no later than October 4, 2007. Until then, feel free to wander amongst my posts and leave what feedback you will. But keep it constructive, please.

Until then, enjoy the autumn. . .and one of my favorite autumn-themed songs, "Try to Remember" from the play, The Fantasticks. This version's sung by the late actor Jerry Orbach, who evidently was in the original Broadway production. Pretty good singing for a detective, if you ask me.

See you when the leaves start to fall. . .



Anonymous daftladybird said...

Sorry, Mr. Left, but what exactly are you saying here? That you're going to take some time off? From posting to your blog? A month-long sabbatical, you say? If that's the case, wouldn't you consider pretty much every month to be a sabbatical? I guess the difference is that we're being warned this time.
Yeah, I'm busting your chops. ;).

12:09 PM  

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